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Rent a car in Georgia from car rental company Naniko

Naniko which is a car rental company, will serve you in Georgia’s three different international airports: Tbilisi, kutaisi and Batumi. They are located in different parts of Georgia. The capital city of Georgia is Tbilisi, where are landing most of the flights. This means that if you landed in Tbilisi international airport you can easily rent a car from car rental company Naniko there. This step will be the opening of your computable journey in Georgia. On the one hand You will avoid standing in the rows of public transport. On the other hand you don’t have to wait for other passengers to declare. This way you won’t waist your time and energy.

Get all the benefits of being the customer of Naniko – attned the services of car rent in Georgia

Naniko has many advantages in car rental business. First of them is the good service, that is the main preference, because service is the wheel that connects costumers with our product-cars. you can call in our offices or do the booking over phone or on our web-page. If it is your choice our car will meet you with professional driver in the airport. Our cars are insured and verified by professionals so we can inshore you that your choice renting our car is absolutely safe.

Georgia is little country but this little land contains high mountains, deserts, modern cities and seafront areas. As beautiful as high mountains can be as difficult is invading them. Your main weapon is 4×4 cars. That can concur the highest places. Naniko can provide you with this cars and experienced drivers. Our land rovers will be your partner in deserts as well. If you are more of beach person, and your choice is the Batumi international airport it isn’t a problem, our service is available on every and each part of Georgia. Batumi is modern edge city. Where your sunny day will start with beach and sea. You can enjoy with water scouters, and experience fling over the sea with para shoot. Afterwards you can go shopping in the shopping malls or in the little boutiques sited in the streets of Batumi.

Experience the comfortable service of one way rental – branches all over the country from Naniko car rental in Georgia!


In the most cases every travelers journey begins with airports and we will make sure that your way from airport to the arbitrary destination will be suitable for every costumer of our service.

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