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Car Rental in Vienna – Additional Services by Naniko

Complete and full package of service produced for you, the customers – this is the main stream of Naniko. From its first steps in the car rental segment, our company cares of being multifunctional and answering to all the needs of the clients. This is why the offer is so attractive, it’s related to savings of time, money and mostly an extra effort for seeking other provider of service.

Attend the additional services of Naniko when renting a car in Vienna and give yourself chance for complete comfort!

We believe that perfection is in details. So that when deciding to attend our service and rent a car in Vienna, you can feel calm to ask for some extra requirements such as equipment for the automobile or a professional driver service, for example. Furthermore, Naniko not only provides subjects of rent or human resource, but also some benefits from other companies, related to the segment of vehicles. Let’s say, first and the most important- the fuel – we offer for you discount systems, while driving the car rented from our company, which poses you in a very advantageous state.

Obtain the beneficial position of being the customer of Naniko – rent a car and ask for the additional services of the company provided in Vienna and whole Austria!

So, what about some more details like the insurance which is included in the rental fee. Well, that’s already a notable fact that we provide secure and guaranteed service. However, if you need some additional elements to assure comfortable drive for whole period of lease, tell us about them and for sure, you will get a positive feedback. The management of Naniko thought about all the situations in which the customer could need an assessment, for that, the spectrum of additional services is wide.

In those situations, when the lessee wants another person to drive the car with them, we can include an extra clause in the agreement and assign the details about additional driver and their personal information. It is better to agree about such issues in advance, so that before signing the contract, everything would be clear.

When you need to cross the boundaries of the country, even if we are talking about the Schengen zone and specifically, about car rental services in Austria, you need to sign a power attorney for border cross with the property of our company. This document is easily available in any stage of the rental period.

The additional services of Naniko in Vienna include also delivering the car to the pickup location mentioned in the reservation and also taking back from any other place when dropping off. One way rental is very flexible and fitted to the needs of customers.

The additional services of the company are:

  • Car delivery to pick-up location
  • Take back from drop-off place
  • Professional driver service
  • Additional driver agreement
  • Border cross power attorney document
  • Discount for fuel
  • Equipment such as: Baby seat, GPS navigator; on roof basket.

Finally, you can be sure to get all the extra details along with cheap prices provide by Naniko when renting a car in Vienna!