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The best opportunities of car rental in Nicosia. Low cost for auto hire from Naniko

Nicosia is disposed in the heart of Cyprus and in Greek language called Lefkosia. Today, this city is a modern and developed commercial and business center. Like many old cities with a rich history, its center is presented by an ancient square surrounded by Venetian walls with bastions. Here everywhere well restored old buildings, which are occupied by the local souvenir shops, cozy restaurants, typical Greek taverns and art galleries. The flow of tourists, attracted by all this splendor, is growing every year.

If you have planned your vacation or business trip here, use an effective means of moving the car for rent in Nicosia and in entirety immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the area.
To make the right choice in a variety of offerings, you can compare the price bids via where will definitely find the most cost-effective solutions to move comfortably.

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The contract of lease, we usually make out the on-site acceptance of the vehicle, i.e., in our office. To do this, you need to provide personal documents, in accordance with the required standards in the country and the reservation voucher. The voucher is always contains the information about which you agreed to when booking. For example, the car model, pricing and more.

If you have a need to postpone your order to another period, change the model of auto or make other amendments as well as possible to cancel the order without any additional costs or penalties two days before the receiving of car. We provide the best price on the market with included taxes, fees and insurance and no hidden costs or extra charges we have not.

At any time, you can get free advice from our professionals and, if necessary, you will have the operational road assistance.

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Nicosia is a unique city with a rich history, the foundation of which dates back to the period of Trojan War. The incredible charm of the city, underlined by natural beauty making it an ideal place for an unforgettable vacation. The most popular tourist attractions is the region, located in the Greek part, where life is buzzing at any time of the day and many shops, bars and nightclubs are happily welcome their visitors. Unlike other major cities in Nicosia there is no sea, because of its location in the center of the isle. In traditional restaurants you can enjoy local cuisine and admire the view of folk performances.

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