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Car rental in Graz, Austria. A great selection for rent a car with Naniko

Graz in its scale is the second city of Austria with a populace of 25.0000 inhabitants and is the center of the region of Styria. The city is considered to be ancient, as written mention of it was found in the sources of 1115. Graz is disposed on both banks of the river Mur. Due to the long-standing history in Graz you can visit various old buildings. At the top of the Schlossberg hill erased a dilapidated castle with a magnificent clock tower of 1500. There are many well-preserved medieval churches and Gothic cathedral of 1400.

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When you get a car, in addition to the voucher of reservation you must provide a passport and driver’s license, in accordance with the required standards. So, if your driver’s license issued in a language that is not readable in the country, take care of the presence of one of international standard.

Keep in mind that when you make a lease contract you need to provide the original documents, and copies can be sent only by e-mail beforehand.
All prices are given as the final version, which already take into account the mandatory auto insurance and local taxes.
Mileage without limitation allows travelers to go in any direction, and master planned routes at no additional cost for the passed kilometers.
Since we have often all sorts of promotions and special offers, you can get in a certain period for free use at the time of rental GPS system or other device. At other times supporting accessories can be ordered and paid for in our offices.
Change or cancellation of your order can be carried out without penalties and additional expenses, but only two days before the commencement of the lease term.

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Graz differs by the kind of southern charm, but on the other hand, it is a quiet town for dreamers, also a vibrant cultural center of Austria. Every year in October held the avant-garde festival Steirische Herbst, attracting about 45,000 visitors. And in the summer you can visit the music festival Styriarte, held in the beautiful garden of the castle Eggenberg. It should also be noted that Graz is considered to be the European capital of jazz. Although this is a thoroughly modern city, there are well preserved historical heritage as this town was the place of residence of the Emperor Frederick III.

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