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Favorable rent a car at the airport in Nicosia. Successful deals of car rental from Naniko

Nicosia has a very measured pace of life, offering a relaxing tranquil atmosphere with elements of European and Asian culture. In fact, Nicosia is the only city in the world, which is divided into two parts by Green Line and is controlled by two countries. This exciting city, first of all, you need to assess from a cultural point of view. The historic center is surrounded by a defensive wall of the sixteenth century with bastions in the shape of a heart. The entrance here is available through Famagusta Gate, which is also the symbol of the city and walking through the narrow streets you can see the typical houses with overhanging balconies, and other interesting buildings.
If you desire to spend your time in the capital of Nicosia, Naniko will offer you any type of car for hire in Nicosia airport with full comfort and safety. Of course, in order your tour is not turned into a trip to the immense costs for a taxi services, you will prefer to choose these convenient means of movement mentioned above.

All the best rates and packages provided to you by Naniko for car rental in Nicosia airport!

Whatever your style of travel in our fleet you will find a full-size car with a spacious luggage compartment, which will fit perfectly your suitcases and shopping. For more savings you will be able to choose compact cars more-efficient for fuel consumption. We have also a range of elegant sedans for the best image of a businessmen.

You can also choose a vehicle by the specific technical data, some may prefer a manual transmission, and the other – an automatic one, easy to operate.

Our customers will not find out any hidden costs, because we do not have them, and all rates initially is provided with included taxes and car insurance.

Once defined and completing your booking, if your plans have changed no later than two days before the start date of the lease, you can change or cancel a reservation quickly and easily.

Our packages also included a millage without restrictions and free roadside assistance in case of the unexpected break.

You will get the best vehicle rental in Nicosia airport by the company Naniko for your perfect trip!

Nicosia International Airport placed in the western part of the Cypriot capital at the moment does not work since the events that took place in 1974, which led to the division of the city. For this reason, those who wish to come here to enjoy great vacation use the international airport of Larnaca, which is often simply called the Nicosia Airport. It is an essential element for the air transport and links with Europe and the Middle East. The annual passenger traffic exceeds 5 million. Recently, the airport has been completely renovated, and opened a new terminal with improved access roads. It can be reached by bus or car.

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