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Estonia is disposed in Northern Europe, with a view on the Baltic Sea in the north, it has a long history characterized by ups and downs, also by various milestones of foreign occupation. Only in 1991, along with the global changes that have swept across the world, Estonia became an independent country. The various periods of the past are well displayed in the architectural style of the city, also influenced the formation of a kind and tolerant nature of the Estonian people. People here are very friendly, and a few years ago Estonia was rated as the country with high human development index, the level of liberty of the press, democracy and education.

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For the driving license can also be special conditions depending on the country. For example, if the license is issued on other than the Latin language, such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic and more, you need in addition to the original also the copy of the international standard.

In fact, if you need to make changes to the order or cancel it, do not lose the chance to make it for free two days prior the start date of the lease.

Among the greatest benefits offered by us, we note that the price provided you originally already take into account the expenses of car insurance, and taxes. So you do not have to worry further about these questions and to bear other expenses.

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Estonia is mainly dominated by lowland areas, 40% of the land is covered by forests, numerous lakes and rivers. Several islands are also part of Estonia. The climate here is influenced by the proximity to the Baltic Sea.

The rich artistic and cultural heritage of the country has elements made by ethnic minorities. During the year, various festivals are held here with songs, dances and traditional clothing. In large cities such as Tallinn, Narva, Tartu, Pärnu, you can admire the magnificent monuments of the past and distinctive architecture.

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