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Essen covers the area of north of the Ruhr River, the land which is called the North Rhine-Westphalia. It is home to about 582,000 people, and the total territory counts of 210 square kilometers.

The city has grown from founded in the ninth century monastery and gradually became the most important economic center in Europe. The modern city was formed in the light of the industrial revolution, related with the name of the historic family of Krupp, who have been engaged in the production of coal and steel products. Essen is modern and intellectually developed  city literally surrounded by greenery. Nearby is the Lake Baldeneysee with its magnificent sceneries.

To create your routes on your own preferences, would be wise to rent a car in Essen and without the inconvenience of using of public transport dip in the exploring of the versatile characteristics of the cultural capital of 2010. Those travelers who have the comforts of a personal transport can easily reach the Grugapark, the largest urban park in Europe, and Baldeneysee lake, which is a paradise for lovers of fishing.

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Zollverein industrial complex is an interesting and unusual attraction of Essen, being a symbol of transformation. This inactive mining complex was renovated and converted for tourist purposes. It was constructed in 1932 in the style of Bauhaus and today is a kind of monument to industrialization.

In Essen, you can visit the various historical buildings and monuments as the Villa Hugel, owned by magnate Alfred Krupp. Today the building is used for exhibitions and concerts. In addition to the two hundred and sixty-nine rooms of the villa, considerable interest has the park that surrounds the building, covering an area of eighteen acres and providing a relaxing atmosphere.

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