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Rent a car in Tirana Airport. The advantages of car rental with Naniko

Today Tirana is focused on the development of tourism, having an active cultural life and quickly gaining progress in modernization. After the difficult years of the pro-Soviet apathy and significant historical changes, the city was able to re-open and resume its former beauty and takes advantage of its location near the Ionian coast to attract tourists. Tirana can be considered a relatively young city, given the fact that it was founded in 1614 and began to develop in the early eighteenth century. In addition to the center, where are placed several municipal buildings in the city included eleven administrative districts.

For travelers undeniably effective means of moving is a car rented from Tirana airport, which provides you with many advantages in the trip. It is these benefits and low cost that doing services from company Naniko such popular and attractive than the alternatives from other providers, or trains, buses and taxis.

Lets discover together the nuances and benefits of auto rental in the airport of Tirana by Naniko!

Freedom and flexibility are provided, traveling in our car, well felt immediately:

Getting an unlimited mileage you travel on any route, without thinking about the additional expenses for the passed kilometers.

If desired, you can even cross the borders of the country of lease and continue your journey in another country, having received in advance from our company the written authorization to do it.

You are relieved of stress in case of unforeseen problems on the road, because obtain prompt assistance from our technical team.

The flexibility of your route can be formed as you like and if you have chosen a linear route, you do not need to return to the starting point of the lease, but return the car to a nearby our office. It really saves your time and money and enhances much of your trip as possible.

Open a world of unlimited possibilities with vehicle rental at Tirana airport from the company Naniko!

Tirana International Airport is disposed 17 km from the city and named after Mother Teresa, is the only international airport in Albania. Often it is referred to as Rinas Airport. Although there is no rail connection every hour buses part in different directions. In the halls of the terminal provided with modern facilities, a large number of restaurants and bars, a few shops. There is also a VIP lounge with a full range of business services. You can use the services of the medical center, if necessary.
From the airport carried more than 20,000 flights in 36 destinations, and passenger traffic is about 1.6 million people. The airport has one runway and operates around the clock.

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