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Car Hire in Debrecen. Compare the tariffs for rent a car from Naniko

Debrecen is disposed on the east of Hungary, beside the Romanian frontier and is a vital part of the country. During the war the town was almost completely destroyed, but restored thereafter, quickly became an important cultural center of Hungary. The core of the town is a long avenue Vörös Hadsereg Utja, along which you can see a lot of buildings in the Art Nouveau style. The most prominent building in the city is the Calvinist church, built in neoclassical style and famous for its organ music and concerts. From the height of the bell tower is possible to admire the lovely views of the surrounding lowland areas. Not far from this place is also the Calvinist College, where you can discover the monuments dedicated to the most important former students.

Of course, visiting such a colorful and full of interest place, it is preferable to have an appropriate means of travel and not be conditioned by the routes of public transport. Thereby, getting a car rented in Debrecen, pre-booked on, you can achieve maximum efficiency of your trip and discover the best places in the city and its surroundings.

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Debrecen is distinguished by a fairly busy life from a cultural point of view, in which makes its essential contribution the presence of the University here. In the center you can visit the Csokonai Theatre and Deri Museum, which displays works of famous Hungarian artists, among of which is a dramatic trilogy Mihai Munkácsy. Everywhere in the city you can see numerous temples and religious buildings, among which an important place takes the Nagytemplom shrine, also a symbol of Debrecen. You can climb to the top of the church to see the Rakoczi Bell and enjoy the beautiful views of the entire city.

In the vicinity of Debrecen, nature lovers can visit Nagyerdõ, which means the Great Forest, which occupies a huge area and covers an amusement park, zoo, botanical garden and spa. The area is ideal for walks and rest in the closeness of beautiful natural landscapes.


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