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Car rental in Stockholm – Cheap rent a car with Naniko

Certainly it must be emphasized that, apart from the fact that Stockholm – a city that deserves a thorough study from top to bottom, you can also discover lesser-known places that differ by no less beauty and originality. Exploring the city can start from Gamla Stan, which is a core of spectacular old city. Walking along the streets as Kopmangatan, Österlånggatan and Västerlånggatan, you will get a pleasant feeling that you are directly transported to the Middle Ages, while the craft shops and local bars create a special homely atmosphere. In the Stortorget square you can admire the Swedish National Cathedral in the proximity to visit the Nobel interactive museum dedicated to all those who from the beginning of the twentieth century were awarded the Nobel Prize.

The company Naniko provides the best solutions for those who are looking for low-cost rent a cars in Stockholm, with the disposal of modern and reliable fleet of high-level, able to meet any demand.

Explore the spectacular surroundings of the city with an auto rented in Stockholm at incredibly low prices from Naniko!

By entering into a lease agreement with us, you can travel in any direction, and even cross the border of the country, previously informing us and making the item in the overall contract. The company will provide you with a written authorization – power of attorney, on a trip to another country.

Our booking system allows you to make a pre-reservations in the name of any person, but when pick up the car renter must be present in person, by presenting his personal documents.

There are periods when you can get for special offers for free any of the accessories, but all the rest of the devices such as GPS navigation systems, child seats, ski racks and other should be ordered separately and can be paid in our office.

Since our original price already include insurance and taxes, so for any other expenses for extras or accessories, you will be notified in advance.

Specific requirements for driver’s license imposed only if it issued not in Latin. In this case, you need to have in possession also the license of international standard.

If your plan to cover long distances, and you are not traveling alone, you have the opportunity to specify the additional driver, who will have the same obligations as the main driver. There is a certain small fee for this service.

Save more by using periodic discounts and great offers from Naniko on auto rent in Stockholm!

Seated comfortably on the board of your rented car you can visit the districts of Norrmalm and Ostermalm, where numerous bars, restaurants and cinema, as well as an entertaining cultural center Kulturhuset, located at Sergels Torg, where you can admire the views of entire city.

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