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Car rental at the airport Stockholm – Arlanda. Rent a car with Naniko

Stockholm is the major city in Scandinavia and the Swedish capital. Despite the fact that Sweden is a leader in technology and modern design, it has to offer visitors an enchanting mix of ancient and modern styles. It’s fascinating charm is well felt in Gamla Stan, which means old town. Here you can admire old churches and medieval buildings. In the regions of Östermalm and Södermalm there are numerous fashion shops with different brand-name products and also with old household items in retro style.

Just 36 kilometers from Stockholm you can achieve the ancient town of Uppsala, having in disposition car rented at Stockholm airport, so it is a good starting point in many directions. You can perfectly organize your trip, using these services from the company Naniko, taking advantage of a free service of reservation on our website.

What could be better than a well-organized trip with an auto rented at the airport in Stockholm from the company Naniko!

In our fleet you can find a car that meets the needs of your travel style, whether it’s a particular brand or model, special technical data or size.

In addition to the rental cost, when receiving the car is also necessary to leave a deposit, which is guarantee in case of unforeseen damage of car or expenses. At the end of the lease period, the deposit will be refunded in full if all the regulations are met.

You have the option to order a car on the address of your arrival or residence, indicating that address in the pre-reservation.

Rendering of winter tires is automatically when is the respective season, but if you need any devices such as ski racks, snow chains, navigation, child seats and the other, they must be ordered separately.

Among the various packages you can choose the most appropriate for you, for instance, short or long term rental, one way hire, special packages for corporate clients, transfers and more.

Having our lowest fares with taxes and car insurance included, the company also offers you free roadside assistance and unlimited mileage which allows you more freedom to master any race.

Forget the doubts and book now your car rental at Stockholm airport to receive the super benefits by Naniko!

Stockholm Airport is disposed 42 km from the capital and is a highly developed and modern structure with four terminals, between of which are distributed the flights for domestic and international destinations. Between the terminals there is a free shuttle service.

The underground station can be reached by elevator from all terminals, and there is available also the bus service.

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