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Rent a car in Sofia, Bulgaria. Information on car rental with Naniko

Sofia is a very amicable city with a populace of approximately about 1,200,000 inhabitants. Excellent climatic conditions further aggravate the atmosphere of warmth and good hospitality of citizens to the guests of the capital. Vitosha Mountains protect the city from the penetration of cold air masses. Architecture and historical monuments are very impressionable and every corner of the city reflects a whiff of the past. It can be good to know the Bulgarian traditions in various handicraft works and in people’s everyday life. The charm of Sofia is emphasized by the presence of numerous churches, museums and picturesque streets, which in its turn convert Sofia to the demanded tourist destination.

Absolutely clearly defined already during many year, for complete and better study of the city most convenient and economical way is rent a car in Sofia. The scope of services that provides the company Naniko allow in dynamic way follow all the desired routes of this European capital.

Explore the distinctive nuances of the country with the convenience of auto rental in Sofia at reasonable rates from Naniko!

Upon receipt of the vehicle, you have to provide with your passport and the license of driver, and both documents must meet the required in the country standards.

Having a credit card in the renter’s name is also an essential factor, as is required for the payment of the deposit, which is refunded at the end subject to all the terms of the contract.

Payment methods may be different, depending on your preferences, online payment, bank transfer or directly in our office.

For driver’s license there are special requirements in the case if the document is not issued in Latin alphabet; It should also have an international driving license.

If you order the delivery of the car at the airport, do not miss the sight of the point of your flight details, so we can keep abreast if the flight is delayed. Voucher confirming your reservation contains the most important details of your order, but is not a replacement of lease.

We have no hidden costs, our tariffs already comprise the cost of insurance and taxes.

Feel the advisability of the right choice for vehicle rented in Sofia from the company Naniko!

Those travelers who decided to explore not only Sofia but territories towards the coast of the Black Sea, will be able to make a stop along the way in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, which has a rich and ancient past. Along the way on the same route, you can visit the famous seaside resort of Burgas. Do not miss the sight and Nessebar, which is the most popular holiday destination, known as the St Tropez of Bulgaria. Visiting Sozopol further, drive to Varna, which is one of the main ports of the country and the pearl of the entire coast.

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