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Car rental in Sofia International Airport. The low price for rent a car by Naniko

Sofia is amongst the oldest cities of Europe, according to archaeological findings that date back 7000 years. Some of the exhibits on display in the church of St. George, which was built in the fourth century. At first glance, striking seemingly dominant architecture of communist style, but in fact, in Sofia many historical buildings that perfectly convey the deep heritage of the city. Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria since 1878 and at that time here were lived only 12 000 people. Since then, the populace increased dramatically and today more than a million people live here. Sofia is disposed in a valley surrounded by mountains, at the crossroads of ancient routes connecting Central Europe with the Black and Aegean Seas.

Hire a car from the Sofia Airport is the ideal way to move in any direction, without depriving yourself of pleasure to visit any interesting sights. Regardless of whether you want to spend a weekend, a long vacation or make a business trip, through you can find the right vehicle for the realization of any goals.

With the practical system of reservation via Naniko you can easily get an auto rented from Sofia Airport!

Booking services on the site, or when taking the car, you can also select additional accessories, including the latest models of navigators, children’s car seats of different configurations, with easy montage inside the car and many other devices.

Option of additional driver is very convenient for those who wish to divide the driving experience with your fellow travelers. To do this, you need to provide documentation of the second driver at the registration of the lease contract.

Car delivery can be carried out even in the non-working hours to the address that you specify beforehand. Upon delivery to the airport also indicate the data of your flight.

On our vehicles, in most cases it is possible to cross the country’s borders, but to inform about this intention should be in advance in order to receive a special document when traveling to another country.

Fuel policy is adjusted according to the selected option among several variants proposed.

Cancel or change your order two days before the start of the rental is free.

Insurance coverage also all taxes taken into account in the tariffs provided.

A variety of bonuses and discounts you get from Naniko for vehicle rental at Sofia Airport!

The largest and most important airport of Bulgaria is the international airport of Sofia-Vrazhdebna, placed just 6 km from the city. In recent years, the flow of passengers has reached more than three million.
There are various low cost airlines that fly to different European and national directions.

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