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Portugal is a very popular holiday destination, offering beautiful beaches, beautiful towns and untouched nature. The climate provides a perfect possibilities for sunny holiday.

The first inhabitants of the land were Celts and Lusitanian. Since 200 BC the country was gripped by the Romans for 600 years. Then, after a short reign of the Germans the rule passed into the hands of the Moors and the occupation lasted for centuries.

Portugal has a populace of about 10 million people. In the 60s and 70s many emigrated to other countries, but in subsequent years, with the stabilization of the situation a significant part of them returned to Portugal.

To carry out your trip in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, it is best to hire a car in Portugal and avoiding the inconvenience of using public transport freely go to discover the most beautiful and hidden places.

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Portuguese culture was influenced by different cultures with which the country had contacts in different periods. It stands out particularly clearly in the architecture and also in the Portuguese festivals, music and literature. Famous National music – fado plays an important role in the life of the Portuguese. It should be noted that football is the national sport, but beyond that also practiced other sports. The fact that the Portuguese cheerful and friendly people most clearly expressed in the abundance of their holidays. But along with this they are also great workers.

Portugal along with Spain is disposed in the Iberian Peninsula and covers an area of 92,000 square kilometers and the coastline in general is about 950 kilometers, taking into account also the island. The Portuguese coast is characterized by beautiful beaches, dunes and cliffs where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday and beautiful sceneries.

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