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Cheap Car Hire in Lisbon. Favorable conditions of rent a car from Naniko

Lisbon is characterized by an interesting combination of the past and the present, of the historical roots and modern trends, at the same time it is full of a variety of characters. In the past the city actively attracted many traders and it is full of tourists today.
Located on seven low hills and crossed by the River Tagus, Lisbon has a populace of nearly 564,000 inhabitants, which is not a large number for the capital.
After becoming a member of the European Commission in Lisbon began to flock substantial subsidies, which gave a strong impetus to the economy. In Lisbon is constantly the process of improving different areas, such as infrastructure. The most important source of income for the city is tourism.

For a more complete study of beautiful castles and landscapes that are in and around the city, effectively will to rent a car in Lisbon and go to the free from the discomfort journey. Not far from Lisbon, you can reach the most famous resorts in Portugal.

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After filling out the application form on our website, you will instantly get access to the most appropriate options for you to the list of available vehicles and special offers at the moment.

You can always get free advice from our courteous operators and professionals on a variety of service packages.

Our leading product portfolio includes package deals in the short and long term, different opportunities for corporate clients, one way rental and another.

When booking, you can select an additional driver’s option and when taking car he must appear in person and submit the relevant documents, in the result of which he will get the relevant rights and obligations.

In the range of additional services offered such devices as navigators of the latest models, car seats for children, winter accessories and more.

Our rates are the most competitive in the market and they have initially taken into account the cost of car insurance and all local taxes. Also you will get the millage without restrictions and free technical assistance in the event of road failures.

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Lisbon is equipped with advanced and developed public transport system, consisting of a network of trains and bus lines and also of extensive metro system. As in all big cities, in Lisbon is quite a busy traffic, because most automobilists it seems that move always in a hurry. There are two ring roads. If you intend to visit the city center, it is best to park your car outside the center line and continue the journey using public transport system.

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