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Low cost car rent in Palermo. Discover the offers of car hire from Naniko

Palermo being the metropolis of Sicily, is a favorite vacation spot for tourists from entire world and is particularly popular because of its fantastic seaside resorts. It is the cradle of culture and art, with a 3000-year-old of its past, magnificent palaces and churches, offering extensive entertainment program for all ages. This is a fairly large city, with a population of about 650 000 inhabitants. It is impossible do not to fall in love with places like Golden Valley, ancient streets and markets, which have kept the traditions of this wonderful city.

Taking a car rent in Palermo you will be able in absolute freedom and with all the facilities to enjoy all the art treasures, beautiful scenery and culinary wonders of Trinacria. Public transport does not always favor the movements of such range to reach all the hidden corners of this blessed land. And if you have an auto in your own disposal, you can get a great experience of visiting a place that has been an intersection of peoples and cultures in the history of mankind, that have survived to the present day an amalgam of Arab domes and churches in the Baroque style, of palaces and neoclassic theaters.

Immerse yourself in the study of the history of the wonderful world with auto rental in Palermo by Naniko!

Provided prices always comprise all local taxes and the cost of insurance, so you do not have to bear these costs further. You also get unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance.

You can use your original driver’s license if it was issued in Latin and in the country of rent read without problems. In that case, if the document is not issued in Latin alphabet, but, for example, in Arabic, Chinese, or other, you must also have one of an international standard.

The option of second driver is an additional service and can be ordered at time of booking and at our office. It demands personal presence of an additional driver.

You can always order the delivery of the car at the address which is convenient to you. For delivery to the airport you need to indicate the details of your flight.

Winter tires are made available to the appropriate season, but winter accessories such as ski racks, snow chains, or other are optional services and can be ordered at your discretion. These services can be paid directly into our offices.

Use the great chance of the most favorable conditions from Naniko on vehicle rental in Palermo!

You can discover everything desired in the historic center of the city, visit historical and cultural sites, or plunge into the abundance of entertainment in discos, clubs, cinemas and a variety of pubs. Next to the huge area of Via Maqueda, it is possible to reach the famous Martorana church. And walking in the opposite direction and reaching the street of Liberty, you can visit the shops of the most famous brands.

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