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Car rental in Palermo airport. Compare suggestions for rent a car from Naniko

Palermo is the center of a fabulously beautiful island of Sicily, which is famous for its seaside resorts. It is easily accessible by plane to Punta Raisi Airport, from which only thirty kilometers away are located such resorts as Cefalu, Monreale, Segesta and the beaches of Mondello and Cala Gallo. If you in advance, through the reservation system on, will provide yourself with a car rent in Palermo airport, then received immediately upon arrival your car, can choose any direction, to the east or west coast.

The splendid Palermo is disposed on the bay, on the edge of the Conca d’Oro and is an excellent starting point to visit the entire of the Sicilian land, rich in history, archaeological finds, architecture and breathtaking natural sceneries.

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The service of booking on our site is simple and intuitively understandable, allowing you to just a few minutes to book a car: indicate the dates and type of the vehicle and get on the display all the available offers.

We offer tariffs which are already taken into account the expenses of car insurance and all taxes and you will be able to take advantage of the free assistance on the roads and millage without restrictions.

Available an option of additional driver, which you can specify when booking and another driver must present in person at the registration of the contract, since as the main driver, he receives the respective rights and obligations.

We have a wide spectrum of assistive devices, which include children’s and armchairs. They differ in weight and size of the child.

The chauffeur must be in possession of a valid driving license, in accordance with the norms in the country. If the document is not issued on the Latin alphabet, but, for example, in Arabic, Greek, Russian, or Chinese, will be necessary to have one of international standard.

Upon receiving the car it is essential to provide all the required documents, one of which also is the reservation voucher which specifies the necessary details of your order.

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Palermo Airport, known as Punta Raisi and named in honor of judges Falcone and Borsellino, who in 1992 were killed fighting against the Mafia, placed 32 km from Palermo. It can be reached by car or bus on the motorway A29 or by train. At the airport there is no hotel, but nearby you can find a few of them. In the terminal halls offered a small number of shops, bars and self-service restaurants, services of the bank, ATMs and a post office. The airport is also convenient for people with special physical needs.


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