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Cheap offers for rent a car in Venice. The benefits of car rental from Naniko

If in the world there are places the visit of which you can expect with a sinking heart, that Venice is undoubtedly amongst of the first of them. Gondolas, San Marco Square, the Basilica, many palaces, the Bridge of Sighs and Doge’s Palace is just a small list of what you can be attracted in this trip. The extraordinary cultural and architectural heritage of Venice, along with its unique location turned it into a popular tourist destination. In Venice, there are approximately 266,000 inhabitants together with the hinterland. It is disposed in the Veneto region in the Adriatic Sea. Venice was built on 117 islands and in the presence of 150 channels here are 409 bridges.

For free movement on the routes across the region, most travelers use  the services of auto rent in Venice and quietly enjoy the ride through the neighborhood. Reached the parking lot near the Piazzale Roma, then you can continue on foot or by water bus to visit the city of love. Taking a trip in gondola, you can pass under bridges, including the famous Bridge of Sighs, under which once the people sentenced to prison confinement, took a deep breath to get the last breath of fresh air.

Take advantage of auto rental in Venice from Naniko, to discover the hidden gems of the surrounding area!

To assist in the selection and booking of car, we provide comprehensive information on the different rules of the functioning of services and also you can apply for practical advices to our specialists.
In the first place, for rent, you must have available documents, such as credit or debit cards at the tenant’s name, booking voucher, a valid driver’s license and passport.
Age tenant must be at least 21 years with a satisfactory period of practice of driving.
Through our website you can make a booking in the name of any person, but when getting a vehicle the presence of tenant is required with the concomitant personal documents.

To choose a car that is perfect for your style of travel you can in a large assortment of our fleet, and to simplify the search process, you can use various filters, such as the class of car, dimensions, technical data, etc.
The price initially included expenses such as local taxes and car insurance are also provided the millage without restriction and free roadside assistance.

All the best and cheap service packages of vehicle rental in Venice are waiting for you from the company Naniko!

Venice is a place of deep and unforgettable emotions. Here you can see traces of Roman urban history, the period of the Venetian Republic, the magnificent parks of ancient Venetian villas built by the nobility between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, enchanting natural landscapes and more.

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