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Rent a car at Baku airport. Compare and select the best prices of car rental by Naniko

Baku, being the metropolis of Azerbaijan, in recent years has become a very popular tourist destination, also many business people from all over the world come here. A variety of historical events have left marks in the magnificent medieval architecture and other cultural monuments. This cosmopolitan city hides behind its walls a real treasures and the unique atmosphere of hospitality.

An international company Naniko and its partner sites are amongst the list of leading world’s providers of auto rent at the airport in Baku, providing the range of vehicles of a wide diversity. If you wish, arriving at airport do not lose the time for arranging this necessary for you services and immediately get behind the wheel of your car, use our convenient online reservation system. Thus, you will not lose a single minute of your time in vain.

All the best deals of auto hire at the Baku airport you will get from Naniko!

Our prices are normally always presented with the already included:

Compulsory car insurance, taking into account of insurance against damage, theft, third party liability.

VAT and all local taxes
Free and prompt assistance in case of breakdown
Millage without restrictions.
We provide our customers with a delivery service of the vehicle at any desired location, which you specify when booking. If the car required at the airport, it is extremely important to specify also the exact flight details.

The lease term as defined in the agreement can always be extended in accordance with your desire, informing us about it 48 hours before the end of the rental period.
You can often find on our website special offers, discounts or free assistive devices in a particular period.

It is significant always check the availability of the correct documents for lease. So, if your driver’s license not issued in the Latin alphabet is necessary to have also one of international standard.

Among the additional services you can choose option of additional driver, a professional chauffeur service, supplementary accessories and other.

The best prices and variety of different services of vehicle rental in Baku airport offered by the company Naniko!

Baku International Airport serves the air transportation of the capital and the whole of Azerbaijan. List of flights encompasses both domestic and international destinations. In recent years, the flow of passengers exceeds two million. Connection with the city is guaranteed by bus lines and taxis, that can reach urban areas just in 30-40 minutes depending on traffic.

At the airport, provided the ATM services, currency exchange and also offered a VIP zone.

There is a large shopping area, where you can purchase various goods, gift items, tobacco and more.

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