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Car rental of low cost in Belarus. The best ideas for Rent a car with Naniko

Today Belarus is an independent nation in Eastern Europe, in the west it has borders with Poland, in the south – with Ukraine, the northern border is with the Baltic states, and in the east – with Russia. Throughout history, beginning with Napoleon’s campaigns, the German siege of the First and Second World Wars and different other events that have left their significant mark in the country. But the special geographical position of Belarus also allows you to understand the past of the country, even better than anything else. Located in the heart of Europe, it has always been coveted by all and was in the midst of the way of the great invasions and incursions.

Of course, the journey is not the calling of everyone, but once you choose this unique country for your trip, you really distinguishes wanderlust! And to ensure that your trip will be on the desired level, and provided with the necessary travel comfort, the company Naniko will ensure you with the best suggestions of car rent in Belarus. Pre-analyzing via complex search system the services by leading companies, we create flexible and cost-effective service packages that offer maximum support, comfort and convenience.

A passion for travel, which unites us will be in the best way equipped with auto rental in Belarus by Naniko!

All prices offered by us are with taxes, VAT and insurance included.

Your booking can be implemented directly via or by phone. Regardless of which way you will select for booking, you will receive via email order confirmation which will contain all the details.

Please note that the reservation voucher is not a document equivalent to the lease agreement and details can always be corrected on the spot.

Naniko provides various categories of vehicles, from small, economical cars and to the higher category models, as well as oversized and roomy car.

Rent is carried out for a particular period, which is specified in the contract, the period can always be extended, just let us know a few days before the final date of the lease.

You can use the opportunity to cancel or adjust your order for free 48 hours prior to start of the rental period.

Choose correctly and save more with the services of vehicle rental in Belarus offered from Naniko!

The territory of Belarus is really wide and 39% of the 207.600 square kilometers is covered by forests. Vast plains for one third part covered of forests, 99,000 rivers and streams and 11,000 lakes complete the landscape of the country, which was not accidentally named the land with blue eyes.

A unique practice can be achieved visiting the National Park of Bialowieza Forest, where you can see bison, and many different species of flora and fauna.


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