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Auto rental in Astana. How to Rent a car at advantageous prices from Naniko

Astana today is the capital of Kazakhstan, but throughout its history the city was reconstructed and renamed several times. Thus, until 1998 it was called Akmola, and even earlier, in the period of the plan Celina, which meant the cultivation of grain on 250 000 km ² of steppes of Kazakhstan, it was called Tselinograd. Today you can find cutting edge architecture in Astana, attractive location and friendly atmosphere.

In fact, the most effective and practical is to rent a car in Astana and get a dual profit: get unlimited freedom of movement in any direction and save with low tariffs from company Naniko. With a broad range of vehicles, from sedans to SUV’s and luxury cars you can easily select the most suitable one for your purpose.

With auto rental in Astana through get the best ways to explore an amazing city!

Confirmation of your order should be expected in the period of a few hours, but you can also always contact with our operators for more information.

To receive a car you will need to have available a valid passport and driver’s license. In each case, you need to make sure whether your documents meet the required standards and if necessary to present the driving license of international standard.

Payment for the ordered services can be carried out both after booking process and also directly at our offices. In addition to the cost of the services required is necessary to leave the amount of the deposit demanded in case of damage to the car for the rental period.

The deposit may also cover fuel costs if you choose the option full – empty in which you have been given an auto with a full fuel tank, and subject to return with empty one but with the corresponding payment of the cost of a full reservoir of fuel.

Assistive devices can choose according to your needs, but must also take into account that in most countries, children’s car seats are required by law, or in the winter in the specific areas necessary to use the snow chains.

Our pricing policy is designed so that the rates provided initially include all taxes and car insurance costs and no hidden costs or extra charges for services are not to be expected.

Unparalleled opportunities you will get for better travel by vehicle rental in Astana via Naniko!

The symbolic edifice of the city is the Baiterek tower of height of 97 m, which is in front of the Palace of President. The peculiarity and charm of the tower are in the sphere with a diameter of 22 meters of gold color, and at the lower floors are disposed an art gallery and aquarium.

It is also interesting to visit the multifunctional Palace of Peace and Accord, which has a pyramidal shape and constructed of glass and granite.

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