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Easy car rental in the Czech Republic. Important information about rent a car with Naniko

After the disintegration of Czechoslovakia in 1993, formed today’s state, called the Czech Republic, which today has about 10 million inhabitants. Czech Republic joined to the EU since 2004. Its territory dominated by mountainous and hilly landscapes, intersected by forests rich of wildlife. In the phase of active development are forest nature tourism and winter sports. Well-developed is an agriculture, most of which is engaged in growing wheat, potatoes, corn and sugar beet, but also important sectors are production of beer and wine, mainly in Moravia.

In general, exploring an unfamiliar area is very convenient to travel by car rented in the Czech Republic, readily and independently moving around, discovering the new routes. Through the website of, without leaving your home you will be able to secure the most appropriate means of moving from the range of offers and to book services at an affordable price.

Book your auto rental in the Czech of high quality and low cost by Naniko!

The complex of our services comprise a diapason of simple and necessary options, based on the actual needs of our clients. It will be simply to decide and choose the right package for your style of travel, also the additional services offered.

Before you make a decision of final choice, you can get the information below about some of our services:

The option of roadside assistance is provided to all our customers and includes free help with the occasional stop or vehicle damage. You can contact with our operations center around the clock if necessary.

In order to do it easier to cope with driving a car when on long distances, or just to share the pleasure of driving a car with others, offered the opportunity to specify the additional drivers.

At any our rental point can be booked effective navigator with the spectrum of updated maps, so you can accurately and carefree get to the desired destination on the chosen route.

When traveling with children, you are of course to provide them with the appropriate safety and comfort. To do this, car seats are provided, as also required by law.

Almost always there is a clear age limit for carry out of the lease. Some service providers have an additional fee for a young driver, but in our company is only required to be 21 years old and have two years of driving practice.

Do not wait and do not delay, book now your vehicle rental in the Czech Republic through the!

It should be mentioned that, even if the Czech Republic is the member of European Union, the local currency remains the Czech koruna. Nevertheless, in some places of service sector may be paid in euro, but probable the exchange rate will not be very profitable.


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