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Find the right car rental in Toulouse. Preferable prices for rent a car by Naniko

Toulouse yclept the pink city due to the prevailing color of buildings facades, also often referred as a link between the old and new France. It is a city with a great history and famous centers of art and literature. Toulouse is disposed lengthwise of the Garonne River and at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range. Placed on the site of an ancient Roman settlement, one can still detect the similarity of some streets with the ancient counterparts. The greatest significance in the past of Toulouse had the period from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries, when the city was the refined courts of Europe and had increased its cultural and artistic value for France. A significant contribution to the prosperity of the town made the fact of the foundation of prestigious University in 1229.

Traveling in such a prime places, great importance has the freedom of movement with the help of car rented in Toulouse and the possibility to create own routes to explore the great surroundings. It is also illimitable possibility to travel on such localities like Carcassonne, where you can be photographed near the magnificent medieval castle, or a trip to the beautiful Mediterranean beach Couilloure.

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Keeping abreast of changes in the auto rental market, we are content to inform that we offer our customers low tariffs with already comprised taxes and insurance, mileage without restriction and free assistance on road in case of unexpected complications.

You do not expect any penalties if there is a need to amend the order or annul it absolutely. It is only important to comply with the two-day period before the start of the lease period.

Terms of fuel policy can be adjusted on-site and be selected according to customers preference. As a rule, we provide cars with the full tank and shall be returned with the same amount. Or you can choose the option of full tank and return with the empty and thus pay for the cost of fuel on the spot.

There are variety of auxiliary devices, such as winter accessories, Navigation, seats for children and others which have a separate price and can be ordered in our offices.

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Among the main tourist attractions of Toulouse should be noted magnificent Le Capitole, built in the eighteenth century in the Baroque style, which today hosts the Town Hall and the Capitol Theatre. In the illustrative hall you can admire gold ornaments and painted ceilings.

Here you can also taste the extraordinary French cuisine, in particular, a specially prepared duck or famous region dish – a stew of various types of meat with the pig skin and white beans.


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