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Car rental in Toulouse airport. Rent a car with Naniko

Toulouse is disposed near the Spanish border, betwixt the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and offers the perfect blend of old and contemporary in a very fresh and attractive way. Walking through the maze of narrow alleys and roads of the old quarter, you can find cozy pubs and antique shops. In addition, you can visit the wonderful Air and Space Museum, where one can admire and even touch various objects designed to give you the feeling to be an astronaut. Energetic and youth atmosphere of Toulouse still largely shaped by the presence of numerous students. Meanwhile, at Rue De Rome, you can visit the stylish boutiques and various shops at reasonable prices.

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The cost of services is already include such expenses as compulsory car insurance and local taxes, also provided the mileage without restriction and free roadside assistance from our technical team.

In the spectrum of additional services, you can choose the option of professional driver, transfers to any destination, supplementary devises, including winter accessories, navigators, children’s car seats and more.

The boundaries of the country of lease can be crossed on our cars with a special notarial permission.

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Full name of Toulouse Airport is Toulouse-Blagnac and with the presence of the passenger turnover of around six million, it is the busiest airport in the Languedoc region.

The airport is 8 km away from the city and is easily achievable by car and by public transport. The system of bus lines is set perfectly and operates every 20 minutes. Furthermore, there is a bus twice a day in the mini-state Andorra. There are hotels in the vicinity of the airport.

The airport has a satisfactory number of retail outlets, restaurants and bars. But the most interesting object here is an art gallery. Business travelers can use the business center with the necessary modern communication technologies, and a conference room.

From Blagnac airport carried more than 80 direct flights to various international destinations.

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