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Tirana is a large city that became the capital of Albania since 1920. During the past decades there has been a strong recovery and the revival of its former greatness and economic rise, which contributed to the rapid improvement of the city. Many tourists choose to travel to Tirana, fascinated by the interesting memorials of the city, which is full of churches, monuments, museums and also offers a fun and vibrant nightlife. Tirana, in fact, among the exciting European capitals that are able to suggest visitors a lot of interesting monuments of ancient art and its original beauty.

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The most prominent place in Tirana is Skanderbeg Square, which is a social and cultural center. The dimension of the square is really impressionable and, in some ways, reminiscent of times of past days of the communist regime. It once held military parades and marching to demonstrate their power and majesty. It is named after the national hero Skanderbeg, who was an active fighter against the Ottoman Empire; his equestrian statue is erected in the center. There is also a clock tower called Kulla and Sahatit, of 35 meters high. You can get up to the tower and admire the spectacular views of the city. It is lightened in the night and is a kind of symbol of Tirana.

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