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The most economical car rental at Thessaloniki Airport. Cheap rates for rent a car with Naniko

Thessaloniki, formerly known as Thessaloniki is the second city of Greece by its dimensions and importance. It is disposed in the Thermaic Gulf the peninsula Chalkidiki. By the meritoriousness of the presence of a large harbor and nearby transport links, Thessaloniki is a strategic point for transportation. In the city there are traces of different periods of Ottoman and Byzantine rule and also of the early Christian phase.

The White Tower is a symbolic architectural composition of Thessaloniki and offers splendid views of the harbor and the Arc of Galerius and the Rotunda are among the oldest monuments of the city. It is a must visit the extensive city walls, the magnificent Hagia Sophia and the shrine of Holy Byzantine Apostles.

Thessaloniki airport named according to the place of its disposition gives a great opportunity for travelers to arrive directly at destination. To feel completely comfortable with the movements, many people reasonably rent a car from Thessaloniki airport, and without the hassle and inconvenience of using public transport can visit many attractions and even travel across the entire Greek territory.

Learn more about how easy and economical to organize an auto rental from Thessaloniki airport from the company Naniko!

Immediately after booking you will have a reservation voucher showing all the nuances of your order, you need to provide with, together with personal documents at the reception of the car.

Apart of the cost of services at prices that are given to you initially with included taxes and insurance, you do not expect any hidden costs. Price of any additional services you can find on the site.

Assistive devices, what are the winter accessories, luggage basket, navigators, children’s car seats and more, you can order and pay at our office.

The option of additional driver is also a supplementary service and if required, you must indicate the name of the second driver when you make a contract with the relevant provision of his personal documents.

In our vehicles you get the opportunity to travel not only in the towns of the country of rent but also to cross the borders and continue your journey in another country, if you carry obtained prior written consent from our company.

Do not delay, book a vehicle rental from Thessaloniki airport, at economical rates by Naniko!

Thessaloniki Airport, also called Macedonia – Chalkidiki is 15 km away from the city and is the second busiest airport in Greece. Here are served 3.5 million passengers annually. With direct rail link provided an easy access to the airport, but also function several bus lines.

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