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Car Rental at the airport Keflavik of Reykjavik. Useful information for rent a car from Naniko

Iceland is a colorful island, full of vitality, and its capital Reykjavik is a perfect example of elegant and developed city with upscale suburbs, which is the flagship of the tourism industry in Iceland. Here you can see a lot of interesting and exotic, such as whales, geothermal pools, where the temperature of ice water is controlled by pumping hot water, parks and natural lakes, glaciers and geysers and also the picturesque old buildings. In short, Reykjavik is the most special place, which is at least once in life everyone would like to see. The skyline of the city is outlines with the silhouettes of modern buildings of glass and concrete, which creates a perfect contrasting  combination with natural beauty.
Your trip to Reykjavik can be filled daily with new experiences and adventures, if you choose the service of car rent in Reykjavik Airport, and also get the opportunity to travel anywhere in your own style. On your car you can go to the famous Icelandic Zoo, located just a few kilometers away and see seals and many other animals.

Enjoy perfectly organized trip with the help of auto rental at the airport of Keflavik offered by Naniko!

The motto of our work style is – no additional hidden costs! All is initially transparent and clearly stated.

When booking you will get the actual price that includes VAT, unlimited mileage and full and mandatory auto insurance.

For the rent in Iceland it is necessary that the tenant, the same driver was at least 21 years old with the presence of driving practice of about two years.

Upon receipt of the vehicle you need to provide documents such as identity card or passport, driving license and credit card in the name of the tenant.

Not included in the rental cost such expenses as fuel, additional driver, auxiliary equipment and transfers. This and other services are optional and have a separate cost.

Get your ideal vehicle rented in Reykjavik Airport with all the possible advantages from Naniko!

Keflavik International Airport is disposed in the south-east side of Reykjavik, 40 kilometers away. It provided the transportation services by Flybus shuttle that functions between the airport and the bus station, and along a way makes a few stops at the hotel address. Also provided taxi service, which is quite expensive. There are the direct flights from Keflavik  to the major European and American cities, here are also low cost airlines offering flights to Copenhagen and London-Stansted and to other destinations.

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