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Finland, disposed in the Northern Hemisphere, is a land that generously gifted with natural wealth and well preserving its natural splendor. 70% of the country is coated by forests, here are 35 natural parks and protected areas, providing plenty of opportunities for hiking. But, of course, not only forests and magnificent nature attracts people to visit Finland but also the cities, perfectly integrated in the environment and demonstrating the heritage of art, culture and local traditions, handicrafts and specialty of the local gastronomy.

Finland is well equipped with railroad tracks, but the best way to visit the places in complete freedom, certainly remains the car rent in Finland, which offers an opportunity to organize routes and decide where and when to stop to admire the beautiful scenery and landscapes.

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In addition to Helsinki, Finland has a lot of beautiful cities, among which are the Tampere where you can enjoy long summer nights and the Northern Lights, Rovaniemi, Lapland’s capital, is a beautiful region of the country.

Turku is the oldest town in Finland, the former capital, where you can see the magnificent cathedral, castle and unique underground medieval quarter. By visiting Kuopio, you can take part in a romantic cruise on board the ship.

Among the many routes in Finland may be noted the one that runs along the coast of the Gulf of Finland to Lapland, passing through the region of Karelia and Kainuu in Kuusamo, where given the chance to visit Oulanka National Park and enjoy the view of its waterfalls and lakes.

Those who wish to carry out a circular route and immerse itself in the atmosphere of a typical landscape can start and finish the journey in Tampere, on the way visiting the towns of Keuruu, Balaam, Iittala, Savonlinna and Lappeenranta fortress.

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