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Sarajevo historically represented amongst the most interesting cities in Europe. This is the place where over the centuries different civilizations intersected, where harmoniously cohabitated the people of different faiths and cultures. Fortunately, bad times and the war that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia, were already in the past, though left deep wounds in the hearts of the residents. But life goes on and this phrase best reflects today’s reality of revived from the ashes town.

Preparing for the trip, whatever your purpose, is always fraught with troubles and the correct organization of nuances. Of course, Sarajevo is well equipped with different types of transport and you can always move on the subway, bus or taxi. But no one would argue that none of the above listed way of moving, cannot match the convenience of the car rented in Sarajevo, not to mention the financial aspect, when the taxi will cost you many times more expensive.

Get the greatest savings and a comfortable ride on the auto rented in Sarajevo from the company of Naniko!

In addition to the comfort at a very low price, you get the flexibility to maneuver and forming own route and easily learn all the neighborhood.

Traffic regulations are similar as in most European countries. The right to drive is getting under the age of 18, but for the lease, you must have driving practice for at least two years.
With an abundance of technological innovations we are all accustomed to the comforts of GPS navigation, which is particularly useful when traveling on unfamiliar roads. These and other devices, you can order on-site of reception of the car.
In most cases, required by the laws of the country a child car seats if you are traveling with children. Therefore, we provide a broad range of chairs for children that can be selected for the child’s height and weight.

Upon the reception of the vehicle must be well examined the body of the vehicle for any damage in the presence of our representative. The same procedure is carried out when you return the car and when it detects any problems, everything is brought in an acceptance certificate.

Take advantage of great discounts and unlimited mileage from Naniko on vehicle rental in Sarajevo!

Sarajevo has a population of about 300 000 people. The city is disposed in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is built in a valley surrounded by mountains. The highest peak Treskavica has the altitude of 2088 m. Sarajevo crossed by the Miljacka river. In the old days there was a well-developed heavy industry, but only a few companies in this field are still functioning today. Now it mainly produces tobacco products, furniture, parts for the automotive industry and more. Tourism also takes an important niche in the city’s economy.

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