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Car Hire at Sarajevo Airport – SJJ. Inquire more about rent a car with Naniko

Sarajevo has long played a central role in the historical events of the Balkans and Europe. Despite the difficult and tragic times of the last war years, Sarajevo again proudly rose and resumed its activities as an interesting cultural center on the continent. The ancient history of the area, where the Sarajevo is disposed is that the region has been inhabited since the Neolithic era. And since the seventh century, the various Slav peoples built here several villages. An important turning point in development of the region began from the fifteenth century.

Today, many people have an interest to visit this unique city and taking advantage of car rented in Sarajevo airport can comfortably reach many interesting and attractive places in the city, and beyond, to discover the surrounding villages and the special beauty of the area.

Choose the convenience and cost savings for your trip with the help of auto rental in Sarajevo airport from Naniko!

Fuel policy may vary in accordance with several options for choosing both sides or at the preference of the tenant. You can get a car with a full fuel tank and pay the cost in place and return the vehicle empty. Or choose another option.

Always rate of rental includes the cost of car insurance and all taxes that exist in the country. Thus, there are no hidden costs, which then would increase the cost of services.
Available additional services, among which are transfers in different directions, services of trained drivers, assistive devices, and other winter accessories and more.
You can often find very attractive packages with great discounts or special offers with bonuses.

Choosing a vehicle, consider all the goals that you want to carry on your trip. For urban movements can select a mini compact and economical, for mountain roads comfortable SUVs, for group travel is the spectrum of minivans and minibuses.
Available packages such as one way rental for the travelers who chose the linear route, special corporate leasing packages and much more.

Get your best holiday with vehicle rented in Sarajevo airport at low prices from Naniko!

Sarajevo International Airport also known as Butmir Airport, is the main center of country’s aerial transport. Here are dozens of airlines flying on various domestic and international destinations. The airport is equipped with the new track and the newly renovated terminal. Passenger flow is about 600 000 people per year.
Here in the halls offered numerous restaurants, snack bars, a business center and VIP-hall.

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