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Russia is the biggest country in the world, which occupies about 14 percent of the earth’s surface. Throughout its territory, from east to west, there are eight time zones, here are the twelve seas and deepest in the world lake Baikal and the largest mountain range Ural. Russia has the borders with more countries than any other nation in the world. More than forty national parks and biosphere reserves are located here. Visitors of Russia are mostly focusing their interest on the western part, but for more adventurous trips Russia can offer remote and exotic areas untouched by man.

For the intention to visit this vast country, the most important criterion to achieve their goals can be considered the comfort of car rented in Russia, which can be easily arranged through the site of Here you’ll find great deals, vehicles from the best manufacturers and the ideal prices, which can only be found on the market of given services

Reach more routes across the country with the convenience of auto rental in Russia by Naniko!

Our rates include car insurance coverage, taking into account third-party liability insurance, damage, theft, and more. All local taxes and unlimited mileage are also taken into account.

Whether you are planning a short trip or an extended stay, we can provide the corresponding service package, considering all the nuances, in the short or long term, options of one way rental, corporate leasing and more.

In our cars you will be able to master any route; to explore the hard road we have a variety of reliable off-road vehicles, for urban travel are comfortable mini or elegant sedans, for family and group trips we can offer roomy minivans and minibuses.

In our fleet also a variety of luxury cars for business trips or special events.

Service of our center is accessible around the clock and any desired information you will get from our skilled operators, and in case of unforeseen problems on the road, you will get free help from our technical team.

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Russia’s population is about 143 million, and most of it is concentrated in the western part of the land, in major cities. Tourist routes here are simply inexhaustible, and among the unique features notice a visit to the city of Murmansk during the Northern Festival in the last week of March. Here you can take part in an unusual ski marathon and reindeer races. Lovers of sun and beach holiday will desire to visit Sochi, town with a subtropical climate and good infrastructure for tourism.


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