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Low prices for car rental in Moscow. Best Deals for rent a car from Naniko

Golden-domed Moscow, as it called by Russians by virtue of gilded domes of cathedrals, being the capital of Russia, is also its largest economic and financial center. The city was built on the banks of the Moscow River, and occupies a vast area of about 2500 square kilometers. Disposed far from seas and large lakes, which could affect the climate mitigation, the city has a cold continental climate, with distinctive and very cold winters and short summers. Moscow is an ancient city with a fascinating history, which since its foundation in 1147 has gone across various ups and downs in the light of varied historical events.

Taking into consideration the vast scale of the city, where most of the attractions can be found in its different areas, the most reliable and cost-effective means of transportation is a car rented in Moscow, enabling delays and without expectations of public transport to move freely in any direction. International company Naniko gives you maximum flexibility in the field of services, with all specifics and nuances of the local market and offers an extensive selection of vehicles.

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All prices provided on our site take into account the cost of car insurance, all taxes and VAT.

You can quickly choose and order your desired car with the accompanying items or additional services on-line through our website. At the final step of the reservation you will receive confirmation of your reservation.

The range of our fleet enables to select the category of cars and model that corresponds you best for your style of travel: compact mini, sedans, SUVs, large and roomy cars and more.

Voucher of reservation contains all the necessary and agreed details of your order, but this document is not equal to the lease agreement, which is made on the place of car pick up.

The lease term is always specifically defined in the contract with the exact time of receiving a car and return dates. One day of rental is 24 hours. If necessary, you always have the option to extend the lease for the desired period.

Cancellation or making changes to an already completed order is carried out without the penalties and additional charges. Only need to notify about necessary operation for at least 48 hours prior to the start date of the lease.

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Moscow, without any exaggeration, is really a very beautiful city, attracting by its architectural style, great museums and art galleries and also by a lively nightlife with mass entertainment. Among the incomparable monuments of Christian architecture is certainly need to mention St. Basil’s Cathedral located on the Red Square, which until the XVII century called Trinity Cathedral in honor of the Holy Trinity.

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