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Low cost car rental in Rome. Find the best conditions for rent a car by Naniko

Rome is among the most visited and exciting cities in the world, which is difficult to describe in a few sentences, and about which you can just talk for hours. It is attractive because of the great and diverse history, because of the sweet life and the eternal romance, so colorfully repeatedly transmitted in world cinema and you can list many more reasons why Rome is one of the exciting places of our planet.

When planning this trip, you will be able to consider a rational means of travel via car hire in Rome anywhere in the city or from one of the two international airports. Booking a car through, you can avoid the necessity to use public transport and efficiently use of your time allotted for this trip. By car you can reach the most desirable locations, and parking your car on one of the free parking lots, you can make an interesting tour by the circular tram.

Do not miss a perfect opportunity to save more with auto rental in Rome from the company Naniko!

Once complete the booking process through our system, be sure to get the reservation voucher with details of your order; have it in presence along with other documents for the car reception.

Many companies have restrictions on the routes in a rented car. Our company in the presence of numerous offices, provides the opportunity to travel everywhere, even crossing the country’s borders. Only need to notify this intention in advance and get a special permission.

When making rent contract, you can also select the option of fuel policy, which is usually adjusted according to versions of the full-full or full-empty with paying the cost of the full reservoir in the office.

Typically, there are restrictions in age for renting, the minimum age is 21 years old.

In the spectrum of additional services you can select an additional driver, the services of professional drivers, also the auxiliary devices, such as a child seat, navigation and more.

Full auto Casco and all local taxes are already considered in the rental cost.

Get the favorable conditions with unlimited mileage on the vehicle rental in Rome from Naniko!

While in Rome, of course, you do not miss the chance to visit the Vatican, the legendary Coliseum, Roman Forum, Baths of Caracalla, the Pantheon, a monument to Vittorio Emanuele, and much more. All that symbolic identification marks of the eternal city always attract millions of people, but that does not mean that the neighborhoods are less exciting. On your car rented in Rome, you can get to the beaches just 16 km from the city, to plunge into a fun night life and see a places with a rich tradition as a Fishing village.

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