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Car Rental at Ciampino airport in Rome. Cheap rates for rent a car with Naniko

Because of its rich history and vibrant modern life, Rome is in the list of most visited places not only in Italy, but of the world. This exciting city, concealing in its corners the secrets and stories of the past, is a source of inspiration, animating pictures of bygone days, as prancing riders and brutal gladiator fights, accompanied by cries of excited crowds. Surprisingly, many of the most significant monuments are survived until today and proudly towering over modern buildings, amazing visitors with its grandeur and monumentality. Over the centuries, even after the fall of the Roman Empire, Rome remained the political, religious and cultural pole, with many beautiful buildings and monuments.

In short, really an abundance of things are await you here to do and see in the eternal city and the most convenient and reliable means of transportation for this is to rent a car in Rome Ciampino Airport. No need even to wait for the arrival and the booking can be carried out simply through a convenient system via, simply by filling out an application form and then selecting the appropriate car and service package.

Use the best possible to travel by auto rented from Ciampino airport by the company Naniko!

Whatever is the style of your journey in our fleet you have the opportunity to pick up a suitable means of transport: for moving around the city – small and cheap cars, for longer trips – comfortable and reliable SUVs, sedans and more.

There is also the possibility to specify a special preference if you wish a cars with hand or automatic transmission, the petrol or diesel engine, air conditioning and other details.

Fuel costs are always negotiated at the registration of the contract and you can choose one of the options proposed by the fuel policy and to act accordingly with the principles of this option.

Our pricing policy is always focused on the formation of the lowest and competitive tariffs, which already include taxes and car insurance costs, as well as provided with unlimited mileage and roadside assistance.

In addition to basic services is also a range of additional services, such as accessories, option of the second driver, the services of professional drivers, transfers and more.

Just get easily and conveniently from Naniko the maximum benefits for vehicle rental at Rome Ciampino Airport!

The Ciampino airport annually serves more than 5 million passengers, offering mainly flights from low cost airlines. It has one terminal and because of proximity to populated areas, there are no prospective for further expansion. But despite this fact, the number of flights is increasing. The terminal is well equipped with the necessary services, shops and restaurants.


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