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Offers of car rental in Romania. Favorable packages for rent a car by Naniko

If you travel in Romania for business matters or for leisure, it is important to provide yourself with the availability of a convenient means of travel in complete independence. In fact, Romania is very charming and multifaceted country with a different environment, where the fact of having a personal vehicle can radically change and improve your stay here. Options for movement means might be different from the public transport and to the taxi, but in terms of convenience and economy is the most efficient the car rent in Romania, which in recent years has gained a lot of popularity  due to its effectiveness. As for the majority of consumers of this service, also for you it will be more useful, and carefully analyzed, would be more advantageous than the other options, especially if you choose the right service provider.

Find out the main advantages of auto rental in Romania with Naniko and make available any planned goals!

Our services are accessible in all major cities of the country, but the most interesting fact is that the car can be taken and returned at different points of the lease as it will be convenient to your route.

We have a large range of cars from which you will certainly be able to choose according to your preferences and needs, from small and economical cars to large and designed for groups.

The flexibility of our packages is evident and their diversity helps you to select the desired conditions. We have offered a short-term or long-term leasing, corporate packages, one-way rental and more.

Receiving the vehicle can be effected at any convenient place for you in the city and airport. There is no time limit and our services are also available outside of working hours, enough to inform us of your arrival time beforehand.

For more information about our offers and services, please carefully read our website or contact our courteous operators and specialists.

Discover the most valuable convenience of vehicle rental in Romania at affordable rates from Naniko!

As the twelfth in its scale country in Europe, Romania has a populace of 19 million people and its landscape is characterized by mountain ranges, plains and ecosystems. There are many rivers and tributaries that flow into the Black Sea. Romania has three geographical areas with different terrain and weather conditions. In this natural diversity can be observed the area with exotic trees, 13 national parks and three biosphere reserves, about which you can find out many interesting things.

The largest flow of tourists there during the summer, which is ideal for all kinds of activities in the open air.

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