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Find the best car rental in Bucharest. Favorable conditions for rent a car from Naniko

Bucharest is amongst the most fascinating places in Romania. Being from the ancient times at the crossroads of trade routes, it is also today characterized as the most important economic center of the international level. Despite the modernized approach to progress, the city is very jealously keeps its historical roots. The modern part of the city is similar to a major American metropolis, which has the hectic pace of life, and the streets are full of hustle and bustle of moving people, shops, shopping centers and entertainment venues.

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Bucharest’s architecture is diverse and offers examples of styles corresponding to different historical stages. For example, the House of the People, built by order of Ceausescu is an impressive building of 12 floors full of luxury, worthy of admiration.
Small temples in the Byzantine style are waiting for their visitors who are ready to look into the past and solve the mysteries they hold.
Bucharest, of course, is the multi-faceted place that is able to offer a lot of surprises for travelers able to appreciate its beauty. Here are frequently organized fairs, various local events and festivals, also meetings and conferences of the leading representatives of art and literature.

It is not surprising, that Bucharest often give the definition of a small Paris. It is full of discos, bars and nightclubs and full of fun not only for young people.
Thanks to the mild climate, it is very nice to visit Bucharest even in the winter, when you can admire the beautiful snowy landscapes. And besides this, in the first day of December is celebrated the National Day of Romania, when at the streets can be seen the procession in traditional costumes with songs and dances, also food markets and various entertainments.

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