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Excellent conditions for car rental in Paris Orly airport. The best selection for rent a car by Naniko

Paris will always be Paris, want more can be add! – The words of the French writer Frederic Dard best describe this city, sung by poets and beloved by millions of people of different generations.
Everyone can discover many ways to come to Paris. With the existence of several airports that serve the airspace of the capital, easy to reach by plane. And then you can comfortably continue your journey by car rented from Orly airport, which wisely can be booked in advance via the website of the company of Naniko. With this convenient means of travel, you will have access to the huge range of attractions and even visit the Disneyland, in 30 minutes’ drive from the center of Paris.

The best choice and the most economical prices for auto rental in the airport of Orly toy will get by Naniko!

Upon receipt of the vehicle, in addition to the voucher you need to show your passport, driver’s license and a credit card with a positive balance, sufficient for the amount of the deposit.

In the event if your driver’s license is issued not in the Latin alphabet, for example, in Chinese, Arabic, or other unreadable language in the country, there is a need for an international driver’s license also.

Please note that required the original documents and copies of the relevant documents are not accepted for registration of the lease.

Due to the fact that our company has numerous offices in other cities in France also abroad, toy can make your trip in the most appropriate manner. So, if you intent to explore the several towns and have no intention of returning to the starting point, you can refund the car to the nearest our rental office.
Also, you get the opportunity to travel with crossing the borders and continue the way to another country, if you get in advance the notarized permission by our legal department.

Numerous benefits and unlimited mileage for vehicle rental at Paris Orly Airport you will receive from Naniko!

Orly International Airport is disposed 14 km away from Paris, in the southern part. There are two terminals, which are interconnected by transfer. Also available two train lines connecting the airport with fast regional subway system. Given the opportunity to free ski bus which will bring you to the bus station in Paris.
At the airport offered the services of two hotels. The terminals offer a great number of bars and restaurants as well as a big selection of shops. Standard range of services necessary for travelers provided in both terminals. Here you will find the VIP-hall, business center, banks, currency exchange offices and first aid center.

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