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Rent a car at Paris airport of Charles de Gaulle. General information of car rental by Naniko

The French metropolis never stops to astonish its visitors, from year to year increasing the number of its enthusiastic fans. Visiting Paris promises an abundance of indescribable experience, here you can enjoy views of the historic buildings, which for centuries became the symbols of the nation: the Louvre and its famous pyramid, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, offering magnificent views of Paris, the district of La Défense, the Champ de Mars and incomparable Champs Elysees. In short, Paris with the great artistic and historical inheritance, cannot fail to be the object of admiration of anyone who has ever visited it.

In order to most effectively use the time allotted for the visit, most travelers use the services of car rent in the airport of Charles de Gaulle. For greater savings and in order to get the most reasonable service packages better to book through the  website of the company Naniko.

Make the trip of your dreams with access of auto hire from Paris Airport CDG-Roissy with Naniko!

While on our website pre-order is possible in the name of any person, it is necessary to note, that when receive the vehicle the tenant must present in person and support with own documents.

In the range of assistive devices that are offered for your comfort and safety, you can choose a GPS system, children’s car seats, which are in most cases required by law, winter accessories and much more.

Additional services always have own separate price, about which you are informed in advance and thus the choice is up to you. If, for some reason, these costs do not suit you, you have the right to cancel them at any time.

It is always recommended to verify compliance your personal documents with the required standards in the country. The international driving license is required if the original is issued in non-readable language in the country.

The option of additional driver is beneficial for those who are traveling with fellow travelers and willing to share the driving experience with others. To do this, you must provide also with the documents of additional driver.

The best and advantageous offers for vehicle rental at Paris airport of Charles de Gaulle expect for you from Naniko!

The international airport of Charles de Gaulle, formerly known as Roissy, is the most significant airport in France. Due to the huge passenger traffic, it is also amongst the busiest ones in Europe. Three terminals are connected by a free bus.

In the terminals provided an extensive range of services and bars and restaurants are evenly distributed across all the halls. Here are also provided the equipped rooms for conferences.

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