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Minsk is located in the north-western part of Belarus and crossed by the rivers Svisloch and Nemiga. It is the capital and an important cultural center. Its population is about 1.7 million people. The first written mention of Minsk were in the sources from 1067 and in the Middle Ages it was an important commercial center. During the Great Patriotic War, Minsk suffered greatly and many historical monuments were destroyed, but, nevertheless, part of the historic buildings managed to maintain or restore later, including such as the cathedrals of the Holy Spirit and Holy Mary of 1700. For a more detailed study of the history of the city, there are many interesting museums.

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Minsk impresses with its architectural richness; Here are the modern buildings in contrast with the preserved old edifices that tell the history of the city. In fact, Minsk offers a great abundance of interesting routes for tourists, in which can be traced a long and troubled historical path traversed by the city. In addition, here you can enjoy wonderful views of the river Svisloch, which freezes in winter and creates a colorful sceneries. There are also many religious buildings, among which the special charm has the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

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