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Find out information of Car rental in the airport of Minsk. Select and save more by rent a car from Naniko

Minsk is the magnificent capital of Belarus, was badly damaged during the war and then restored in the fifties of the last centenary on the orders of Stalin, today offers tourists and visitors a wide variety of interesting things. The list of places to visit will certainly include the National Museum of History, which will give an idea about the history of the nation. Just in a few kilometers you can reach a man-maid sea of Minsk and enjoy the sun on the public beach.

For travelers very comfortable is an existence of Shemetovo International Airport. Overpower any desired or planned route you can easily by using auto for rent from Minsk airport. To secure a coveted comfort, you only need before the packing of your bags visit website and book your favorite car model.

Get detailed information on for auto rental at Minsk airport!

Booking a car via our we-bsite you will be able to save considerably since our tariffs already comprise the cost of car insurance and all taxes.Car rental Minsk airport

Very convenient is an option of vehicle delivery at your address, moreover arriving at the airport tired after the flight, you can just sit behind the wheel of your auto and quickly and comfortably get to your destination.

The range of vehicles in our parkland is so varied that you easily will pick exactly the car that perfectly suits your travel style.

For young drivers, there are certain requirements for the lease, in particular the age of leastways 21 years old and having driving experience for at least two years. In each case it is better to receive information from our operators.

The amount of deposit required initially is a guarantee in the event of damage to the body or interior of the car. At the end of the lease and return of car in an appropriate condition, the deposit will be fully refunded.

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International Airport of Minsk formerly known as the Minsk-2, located 40 km far from the city and is the main hub serving the country’s air transportation. There are numerous flights to various worldwide destinations, also a certain number of domestic flights.

With public transport is established the connection with the city, also operate a shuttle mini bus every half hour. There are city bus lines. The terminal is well appointed with the necessary facilities for passengers. During the flight waiting period one can make purchases in a shopping zone or choose interesting souvenirs in the memory of the trip, or have a meal in restaurants and cafes.

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