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Car Rental at Milan Linate airport. Compare offers for rent a car from Naniko

Region of Lombardy with its breathtaking center of Milan offers an inexhaustible set of possibilities for both tourists and business people. Milan, disposed in the heart of Europe, is an ideal place from where you can go to explore any of directions and routes in Italy or abroad. Served by two international airports, the smaller of which is Linate Airport, you can easily and smoothly move around Milan and other cities of the province, having in disposition a car hired from Linate airport. The airport named after an Italian aviation pioneer of Enrico Forlanini in terms of passenger traffic inferior of another airport of capital of Malpensa and is focused more on the lower- priced and short-range flights. It is better known with the name of Linate area, where it is located.

Approximately in 20-30 minutes can be reached by auto rented from Linate airport to Piazza del Duomo and San Babila areas and start exploring Milan in all its charm characterizing by architectural masterpieces of the Gothic style.

Visit the beautiful countryside of Lombardy using the comfort of auto rental from Linate airport by Naniko!

lease terms are always initially specified in the contract on the based on 24 hours as one day of rental. But if your plans have changed, the rental period is always possible to extend timely informing us about it.

Due to the fact that we have a wide network of rental points across the country, you can pre-specify the vehicle receiving and return places in different cities, as it will be convenient to your route.

Often being in a business trip you would not like to be distracted by other matters on the orientation on the terrain, or simply have desire to fully relax in the trip, it is very convenient and advantageous to use the services of professional drivers of our company.

Fuel is not included in the price and this matter is regulated in accordance with options such as a full-full or full – empty. Details of each option will be provided on the spot.

Among the additional services you can select a second driver, auxiliary accessories for convenience and safety as smow chains, navigators, children’s car seats and more.

Take advantage of unlimited mileage from Naniko for vehicle rental in Milan Linate Airport!

Enrico Forlanini, whose name was given to the international Linate Airport, was born in Milan. At Linate annually served about 9 million passengers on domestic and European flights. The ideal road network connects the airport with Milan, so it is very convenient to use the machine.
The hotel is situated near the airport. The terminal provides a full range of services for travelers, a large number of shops, bars and restaurants.

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