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Great conditions of Car Rental at Milan Malpensa airport. Rent a car from Naniko

Milan diverse and rich city as from the historical point of view and also as a modern metropolis, provides with an abundance of the most famous museums and art galleries, among which, of course, the most famous is the Brera, which, together with the museum Pezzoli Poldi and Pinacoteca Ambrosiana represent a renowned Milanese galleries. Milan is also rich in ancient churches, the list of which is headed by the magnificent Duomo, the Gothic cathedral which became the symbol of the city.
Milan’s airports system is represented by two airports, the main of which is as for Milan and for the whole of Northern Italy is Milan Malpensa, consisting of two passenger and one cargo terminal, and also the Milan Linate, designed for flights of short and medium-range.

Starting your journey by car rented from Malpensa airport can be a great idea considering the huge scale of the megalopolis. Having cost-effective range of services from Naniko, you will be able to have a secure trip to any destination without the hassle and high costs on the taxi and the loss of time for public transport.

Take advantage of auto rental from Milan airport by Naniko and have your charming voyage!

Our company has a wide network of rental locations across the country and abroad, so you do not need to return to the starting point of travel if your route passes through several cities.

A variety of packages, such as short or long term rentals, corporate leasing, one-way rentals and more, allow you to choose the most suitable conditions for you.

Restrictions on age for rentals is considered to be a 21 years old with driving practice for at least two years.

The presence of an international driver’s license is required to only if the original is issued in a language unreadable in the country.

Often our customers plan their travel routes in neighboring countries and in that case we offer an opportunity to cross in our cars the border of the country of rent, previously received notarized permission to do so.

Reach the finest places on the vehicle rented at Malpensa airport on the ideal rates from Naniko!

Malpensa International Airport, as already mentioned, is the largest airport of Milan. Its two terminals are located quite far away from each other, but the connection is carried out by a shuttle every 20 minutes. The annual passenger flow is about 20 million people. It is easily accessible by train, bus or car and it is disposed 50 km from the center of Milan. The spectrum of services provided in both of terminals are many shops, restaurants and bars, business center with all the related services and in addition given the standard of services for travelers.

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