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Marseille is an ancient city, which was founded by the Phoenicians before our era, and then captured by the Romans. Thus, Marcel can provide visitors to explore its rich history. Strolling through the winding streets of the Middle Ages, you can go to the charming port, where seen the remains of a bygone era. Although Marseille is full of artifacts and historic places, there is also provided a colorful city atmosphere with modern shops and a variety of entertainment in the central areas. Spending time here and enjoying the study of this complex city, you can find a lot of surprises and interesting sights.
After reading many reviews of people who have already visited the city, you can be sure that to rent a car in Marseille from the company Naniko is the most reasonable solution. Having the freedom and mobility you will have no obstacles to travel on any route you liked. As a specialist in the rental market, our company offers the most reasonable low prices and perfect service packages.

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In order to pick up the booked car, the tenant must submit personal documents of the required standards, a credit card in his name, which is required for the deposit payment.

This deposit is required at time of hire and is designed to cover unforeseen expenses, what can be for example the mechanical damage, fuel costs, or other. In the absence of such, the deposit is subject to a full refund at the end of the lease.

Besides the main driver you can also specify the additional driver, respectively, submitting also with his documents for registration of the contract, in the result of which he also get certain rights and responsibilities.

Payments may be done in the most suitable for you form, in various ways of online payment, bank transfer, or directly in our office.

For the driving license presented special requirements only in the case when the document is issued not in the Latin alphabet and cannot be read in a given country. Then you must also provide with an international driver’s license.

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This Provencal town resonates with enormous vitality and full of incomparable attractions, both cultural and gastronomic. Marseille is a fairly large city of France, but despite its scale, ideal for relaxing. You can also explore the beautiful countryside of Provence and see the most romantic sceneries in Europe.
As in all major cities of France also in Marseilles has a fairly busy traffic on the roads during peak hours.

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