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How to find a rational car rental in Belgium. Affordable options for rent a car with Naniko

Without any doubt, Belgium is able to offer visitors its rich history, culture and traditions, and each can independently create for themselves an ideal trip for its own interests, among the monuments and museums, stunning green landscapes of rare beauty and savoring the exquisitely delicious food which is valued at an international level.
Find the right car rental in Belgium is easy using online booking tools via, where together with the low cost, you can find a lot of interesting proposals and options.

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The result of our constant market research is an effective pricing, in which the taxes and car insurance is already included in the proposed tariffs.

Change dates or model of car or cancel your order you can free of charge, but not later than 48 hours prior to the start date of services.

We have no hidden costs and charges. All rates for additional services given separately and  you always informed in advance about the cost of a service.

Our customer service center available 24 hours also at any time if happen something unexpected on the road, you quickly get help from our team.

The hire services can be paid for by the method that is more convenient for you, online pre-payment, by bank transfer or directly, and additional services, such as supportive accessories or other have to be paid at our offices.

Make your right choice in favor of the economy with the help of vehicle rental in Belgium from Naniko!

For many travelers, it is desirable to know more about all parts of Belgium, it’s beautiful cities, rich and ancient traditions. So, visiting the lush greenery Rochefort, you can enjoy a tasting of local cheese, in Waterloo can be traced the historical stages of the Napoleonic battle of 1815, you can visit the motherland of Georges Simenon and the prestigious University and many more.
Visiting Belgium by car in rent, you get a chance to plunge deeper into the beauty of its traditions. You can buy local products and handmade things at the traditional open-air markets. It will be difficult to resist the temptation not to buy carpet of famous local design or a bit of delicious Belgian chocolate. Practically, you can find an excellent Belgian beer in every corner of the country and try a typical dish – mussels with fries.

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