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Low cost car rental at Lyon airport of Saint-Exupéry. Discover the Rent a car with Naniko

Lyon is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes region and today is a bustling metropolis with a great architectural heritage of the Renaissance. Outside of town visitors expect beautiful characteristic and romantic villages such as Cremieu and Perouges. A known fact is that in Lyon is the highest number of restaurants throughout France and, indeed, it is also recognized as the capital of French cuisine.

To discover the amazing versatility of the place and in a whole new light to see the diversity of the local landscape, it is an excellent means of car rent in Lyon airport. Due to the disposal of own personal car, you will have the ability to customize the trip in compiance with your preferences. Furthermore, you can save a significant amount, avoiding the use of taxi services.

Make the trip, reasonably planned with using an auto rental from Lyon airport via!

Various packages include many features of the hourly and daily rentals and up to a long-term rental, available options of one-way hire and special options for corporate clients.

Facilities of our booking system allows in a few simple steps complete the pre-booking for the selected vehicle.

Our company is among the world leaders in the supply of these services and has the numerous rental offices in many countries. Therefore, if you planned a trip to several countries, in our cars can easily implement that plan, having previously obtained a notarized authorization from our legal department.

Our employees are oriented to provide impeccable service to customers that create the most comfortable atmosphere.

Offered prices are always competitive and comprises the cost of car insurance, and local taxes.

No matter for what purpose you need a car, for business or pleasure, here you will always find a suitable vehicle, equipped with the needful amenities for your comfort and safety.

Among other benefits get unlimited mileage for vehicle rental at the airport of Lyon from the company Naniko!

Lyon Airport, named Saint-Exupery, is located in the western part of France, and 20 kilometers from Lyon. To reach the city by car, you will need about 35 minutes. There is carried out a certain number of domestic and international flights and is served about 7.3 million passengers annually. It provided all the necessary services, shops with regional products. The terminal provides a vast area for conferences. In the information service center for travelers you can get the help for hotel booking.

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