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The most profitable car rent in Italy. Ideal tariffs for Rent a car from Naniko

Italy, disposed in the southern part of Europe, is a peninsula that has an extremely diverse territory. From the north surrounded by an arc of the Alps, the country is divided into two parts by Apennines and is surrounded by several seas and has also the numerous isles in the Mediterranean. The highest point, placed on the boundary of Italy and France, Mont Blanc or white mountain is more than 4500 meters. The presence of the seas creates in Italy a very special climate, which can be determined as moderate Mediterranean. In the  northern areas, distant from the sea observed the lowest and average temperatures, but also Alps serving as a barrier to the permeation of the masses of cold air.

In short, Italy has a lot to offer, and if you initially organize your trip in the right way with the services of auto rent in Italy, you will have the possibility to diversify your trip much with interesting routes, instead of being tied at all times to the same area.

Make the right decision in favor of a comfortable trip with the help of auto rental in Italy from Naniko!

Below you can find some answers on the most oftentimes asked questions, and more detail about everything you can learn from our operators or via our web site.

By carrying out your reservation, you can do a payment through online payment or directly at our offices. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is also obligatory to leave a deposit as a guarantee amount in case of fault to the vehicle.

The bboking you can always cancel or modify for free two days before the commencement of the lease. If you increase the rental period or change the model of the car, respectively may change the total amount.

The voucher is the document that you get as a confirmation of the order. It shows all the details of your booking.

Upon receipt of the vehicle must present the reservation voucher, driving license, credit card on main drivers name and a passport.

Among the various service packages offered a one-way rental, convenient for those who decided to carry out a linear route.

Our prices comprise all taxes and costs of car insurance, provided roadside assistance and unlimited mileage.

Get the most favorable terms on vehicle rental in Italy and super discounts from Naniko!

For centuries, Italy had the vital role of cultural and artistic plan, being in the center of civilization, two historical periods: the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Today, the artistic heritage of the country is amongst the largest ones in the world, thanks to the great works of art, architectural monuments and medieval towns and villages.

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