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Cost effective car rental in Hungary. Special rates for rent a car with Naniko

Hungary is in fact one of the most attractive countries where one can tirelessly admire beautiful natural and cultural values. The Danube, which crosses the country and, in particular, divide into two parts the capital, provides scenic views while cruising. Riverbanks, richly filled with greenery, full of animals and birds, and give a really extraordinary spectacle.

You have planned an exciting vacation or important business trip, travel alone, with family or friends? The most faithful and reliable method for all your movements will be the car rent in Hungary, which will allow the most affordable way to implement any goals and to go on selected new areas. The company Naniko will provide you with a reasonable and cheap packages and a lot of interesting offers and promotions.

Save your time with us, using the auto rented in Hungary, organized for you by Naniko!

Accessibility and ease of use of the reservation system enables you to quickly and conveniently from the comfort of home, complete the process of booking a car.

At periodic promotions you can get for free use at the time of rental accessories such as a GPS system or the other. Therefore it recommended to always keep track of updates of the special offers on our website.

Our rates are on the basis of an all-inclusive, which means that taxes and car insurance already comprised in them. Also you will get millage without restrictions and operational assistance on the road.

Special attention should be paid to the compliance of your documents with local standards. If you own a driver’s license issued in the languages ​​which are not readable in the country of lease, also need to have one of international standard.

The service of additional driver, which has a low cost convenient for those who do not travel alone, and intends to master substantial distances. Additional driver must be specified in the lease agreement and will receive the respective responsibilities and powers.

The range of our fleet is extensive and therefore we can always give you the right car model with the required specifications.

Focus on an incredible journey with no problems on vehicle hired in Hungary from Naniko!

A special resort area of ​​Hungary is the Lake Balaton, where there are a number of excellent hotels, night clubs and restaurants with local cuisine, disposed in a picturesque surroundings along the coast. The north coast of the lake is more quiet, where you can discover the quaint medieval towns and nice trails for hiking. The beautiful capital of Budapest, in its turn, offers a rich cultural heritage and magnificent architectural sights.

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