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Low cost car rental in Budapest. Great deals of rent a car by Naniko

Budapest is often called the Paris of the East, languidly stretched on the banks of the Danube and has a captivating attraction, a long and interesting history and great artistic wealth. Let us add to this the lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere and for sure we can say that no one will be bored here. Budapest was formed from the union of three cities: Buda, Óbuda and Pest.

Along the Danube embankment one can travel in full comfort having in own disposition the car rented in Budapest, to learn the best routes around the city and beyond, and to achieve the seven islands, which are disposed along the river. The central part of Budapest is connected by a plurality of bridges, amongst which the great architectural value have the Liberty Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge.

Enjoy a good deal of auto rental in Budapest, on the most advantageous tariffs on Naniko!

To carry out and complete the booking process on our website is very easy and requires only a few minutes of your time.

Confirmation of your order you will receive as a voucher during several hours, and for more information you can always turn to our professional operators.

During reservation or when receiving a car you have an opportunity to choose the supplementary accessories and additional services, the value of which is specified separately and given at your choice.

Available the option of delivery the vehicle for the place of residence or arrival or any your address.

Winter tires, usually, we provide in the corresponding season in the cost of services, but other winter accessories, like a ski rack, snow chains or other should be ordered on demand.

Our prices are calculated and provided with  the cost of car insurance and taxes and therefore do not expect any unpleasant surprises of hidden costs.

Whatever your requirements and criteria of the vehicle in our fleet can always find a suitable model with high safety and comfort standards.

The most suitable packages of vehicle rental in Budapest, you will find via the website of Naniko!

Those who wish to immerse themselves in the retro atmosphere of Budapest, can choose one of the historic cafes in the old town, for example, the famous New York bar, Café Central, Angelika, or Gerbeaud, where in a pleasant atmosphere you can enjoy delicious Hungarian cakes. The city has 118 thermal springs, which offer the possibility to relax in the thermal baths. Among them are preserved baths since Roman times or the Rudas baths, which are a magnificent example of Ottoman architecture.

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