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Car Rental at the airport of Thalerhof of Graz. Special prices for you to rent a car with Naniko

Being included in the World Heritage list since 1999 and declared as an European Capital of Culture in 2003, Graz is a city where there is a prestigious University and everywhere you can feel a lot of attention, paid to the cultural life. Here you can see the elegant streets, interesting museums and a charming historic building. It is the second largest city of Austria and is widely recognized as the south-eastern pearl. Graz is disposed at Moore River and bordered on three sides by hills, which protecting it from the winds.

To make your trip the most interesting, practical and effective is important to have a suitable means of movement, namely car rented from Graz Airport. Simultaneously you enjoy maximum sense of freedom and will reach the most daring routes without the hassle and inconvenience. From the moment you arrive and throughout the term of the lease, the company Naniko provide you with unparalleled service and ensure their proper implementation.

All roads are open to you for exploring the world on auto hired at Graz Airport from the company Naniko!

If your trip requires a city car for flexible maneuverability on streets and parking, we will provide compact and economical cars, for special events and celebrations there are elegant sedans, business travelers will be able to choose the luxury cars, for good family vacation is provided our comfortable minivans.

To receive the car you ordered, you have to provide personal documents and special attention to be paid to the fact that a driving license in accordance with international standards, in case if the original is not issued in Latin.

We have no additional hidden costs that you may be unpleasantly surprised upon arrival. All our prices are initially offered with included taxes and car insurance.

You can specify the additional driver from among your companions, and when you make a contract, he must be present in person, providing his documents.

Your most successful journey starts here, via site and vehicle rental at the airport Graz – Thalerhof!

Sightseeing can be started with the visit of central square Hauptplatz, where many enjoy a variety of old buildings. Here, a pedestrian zone, where often arranged the market of flowers and vegetables. The center of the square is decorated with a fountain, surrounded by allegorical figures. From here begins the main street Herrengasse, where are the many shops for those wishing to make a purchase.
Among a variety of museums and exhibitions can be noted Zeughaus, which is the arsenal, built in the seventeenth century, where preserved all instances of weapons ever used to protect the city from attacks of enemies. It is the only museum of its kind in the country, with more than 30,000 types of weapon.

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