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Cheap rates of car rental in Bruges, Belgium. Economical offers for rent a car with Naniko

Bruges is the center of the region of West Flanders in Belgium. In the old days the city had access to the sea via Het Zwin, but now this connection is closed. In fact, the port, known as Zeebrugge is disposed 20 km from the city. The central district of Bruges is one huge open-air museum where you can delight many medieval buildings, beautiful facades, walk along the canals and cross the bridges that are perfectly preserved. Of course, this does not mean that the center is only a lifeless display of the old days. On the contrary, It boils with active life, people live and work here and arranged various activities.

Those who aspire to get a really good and stress-free trip, without using of public transport, of course, prefer to hire a car in Bruges, for the comfort of their movements. Today it is not complicated to do it, using online booking tools on the website of Naniko, which is always ready to ensure its clients with the most economical price and the best range of vehicles.

Book your auto rental at Bruges for a great trip, easily and simply through the website of Naniko!

After filling in all the required details of the application form and completing the booking, you will get a voucher confirming the order, which will hold all the information. This voucher must be carried when you receive the car.

If you have any questions during the process of booking, you can always directly contact our operators who professionally give you any information.

In our fleet range of vehicles is most extensive, so choosing a specific vehicle, you can be sure that will get it. In rare cases, if the car is not accessible, it will be substituted with another one of the appropriate class.

To pick up your car we have to prepare a contract of lease, for which you need to provide your passport and driver’s license. It is essential to pre-verify compliance of your documents with the required standards.

Optimal prices and a broad range of options are provided by Naniko for vehicle rental at Bruges!

Bruges is a home to over 120,000 people, and it should be mentioned that a great part of the populace is concentrated in the old center. The city is placed in the northwest part of Belgium, in close proximity to the Dutch border.

As already mentioned, the historic center is great and attracts a lot of visitors, both Belgians and foreign tourists. Every year more than a million tourists visit the city to spend a relaxing weekend or a longer period. This fact means that tourism plays a vital role in the local economy. Port of Zeebrugge is an integral part of Bruges is currently going through a stage of active development.


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